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June 2022 | Recent Illinois Economic Development News

Underestimated: Census correction strengthens case for Illinois

A corrected survey from the Census Bureau found that Illinois actually gained population over the last decade, rather than the initial reports of lost population. So, what does this mean? READ THE OP-ED FROM INTERSECT ILLINOIS CEO DAN SEALS.

Talent, location, community: How Rivian came to be in Illinois

Rivian’s Senior Manager of Plant Communications and Policy, Zach Dietmeier, told Intersect Illinois about how Normal has become home to the company’s tremendous growth. READ ABOUT RIVIAN’S ILLINOIS GROWTH.

Future of food: Chicago food innovation investment soars 500%

The new Innovation in Chicago’s Food Industry report illustrates how the city and region are poised to take advantage of an industry being rapidly reshaped by shifting consumer tastes, rising prices and evolving technology. READ MORE HERE.

Replenishing Tomorrow’s Workforce Today

Last month, thousands of University of Illinois graduates walked across the stage and into the workforce. SEE MORE ABOUT THE U of I’s TALENTED WORKFORCE.

Lion Electric: A trailblazer in Illinois manufacturing

Illinois’ mix of skilled workers, robust infrastructure and a compelling vision for the future is putting the state at the forefront of the electric revolution, with companies like Lion Electric choosing to call it home. LEARN MORE ABOUT LION ELECTRIC’S NEW 900,000 SQ-FT FACILITY IN JOLIET.