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Winter 2023 | Recent Illinois Economic Development News

Highlights from 2022 show why companies choose to Be in Illinois

A strong year for businesses in Illinois, companies that located and expanded here in 2022 cited many reasons for choosing the state. READ MORE.

Intersect Illinois appoints two new members to Board of Directors

Peoples Gas and Northshore Gas’ Polly Eldringhoff and Busey Bank’s Robin Elliott are both representing their companies in efforts to bring economic growth and jobs throughout the state. READ MORE.

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Inc. chooses Illinois for distribution center

Ollie’s new Princeton distribution facility represents a $68 million capital investment and will create 145 new full-time jobs. READ MORE.

Why Illinois leads in logistics tech

Already a leader in world-class logistics and infrastructure, Illinois has become a hotbed of innovation in logistics technology. READ MORE.

Intersect Illinois 2022 annual report shows $402M in investment

Businesses that Intersect Illinois helped relocate or expand during FY22 accounted for $402M in investment and 1,884 new jobs. READ MORE.