Electric Vehicles

The Future of Electric Vehicles is in Illinois

Companies including Lion Electric, Rivian, Navistar, EVBox, Komatsu are all growing in Illinois, because of the state’s thriving EV ecosystem. In Illinois you will find:

Government support
  • Reimagining Electric Vehicles (REV) Act provides significant incentives to encourage EV business growth
  • Illinois Climate and Equitable Jobs Act puts Illinois on the path to 100% clean energy by 2050
  • $70M in Capital Funds are earmarked for EV infrastructure projects
  • Illinois Motor Vehicle Franchise Act allows newly established motor vehicle manufacturers to sell directly to the public

Rivian Truck

A robust automotive and heavy machinery industry
  • 4th largest auto employment base in U.S. and two of nation’s top three automakers, Ford and Stellantis
  • 816 companies in automotive industry

Supply chain specializing in battery manufacturing, unique EV components and shared vehicle components
  • #2 in battery manufacturer locations
  • 4th in U.S. in number of locations that manufacture non-battery EV-unique components

Workforce of the future
  • Home to 254 higher educational institutions including some of the nation’s top engineering and IT/computer science schools
  • Programs such as Heartland Community College’s Electric Vehicle Energy Storage program and Southwestern Illinois College’s Advanced Manufacturing Center training workers
  • Illinois’ EV workforce is projected increase by 83% by 2024

Research and development

Accelerators, incubators and innovation
  • Among top 15% of states in manufacturing R&D
  • Illinois Universities spent $271M in engineering research
  • 4th most patents in supply electric power to auxiliary equipment of vehicles
  • Evergreen Climate Innovations (formerly Clean Energy Trust) is advancing climate tech in the Midwest

Lion Electric School Bus

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