Kelly Nicholl

In her role as Vice President, Marketing for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC), Kelly was responsible for all aspects of marketing and promoting the state of Indiana.  The state's most successful marketing campaign was initially started under the Governor Daniels administration and continued through 2015.  Strategic focus on markets resulted in maximizing resources and garnering tremendous earned media.  

Beginning in 2009 Kelly led the rebranding of the IEDC and created website, collateral and the first digital marketing efforts.   A mix of traditional, digital and viral marketing has increased the brand message of the state.  Third party surveys have verified brand improvement and impact.

Supporting international FDI Kelly implemented in-language ad campaigns in Europe and Asia.  Over 75 million impressions were delivered in one year over multiple platforms, as well as 100+ outreach events.  Utilizing hyper-local platforms, Ms. Nicholl thrives on fast paced, current event driven targeted message delivery, not typically used for economic development.  

Prior to leading marketing  for IEDC, Kelly consulted for a multitude of clients, varying from professional sports to animal nutrition.  She was employed as Creative and Marketing Director for 8 years for a national home builder.  This role demanded both advertising expertise as well as detailed brand management and execution. As one of the leadership team charged with entering into new markets she used market research , developed community marketing plans ultimately leading the creative efforts to deliver a consistent brand message.  Customer experience and traffic generation were critical to success and she enjoyed leading a terrific staff, some whom have loyally followed her to today.  


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