Inga Carus is Chairman of Carus Group Inc., a multinational company in Peru, Illinois that manufactures products to clean drinking water, wastewater, air, and groundwater. 

Starting her career in Europe working for Air Products and Chemicals, Inga joined Carus while still in Europe and repatriated to the US in the early 1990’s, eventually becoming President/CEO and then Chairman.  She has lived and worked in multiple countries, speaks fluent German, and continues to travel extensively today in pursuit of her business interests.

Inga is also a leader of economic development in Starved Rock Country, the region immediately southwest of Chicago, and co-founded the Starved Rock Country Alliance to promote the area and Illinois.  Inga is a founding member of the Starved Rock Country Capital Fund, an incubator she started with several other business leaders in the region, in order to encourage, foster, and support regional entrepreneurs.

In addition to this initiative, which has already funded several growing companies, Inga has together with her husband Peter, invested and created several new businesses in Starved Rock Country in a variety of industries ranging from farming, agribusiness, brewing, real estate development, and several manufacturing companies. Since 2014, these investments have so far created over a hundred new jobs in this vital Illinois region.

The Starved Rock Country region in northern Illinois, located less than two hours from Chicago, is experiencing a renaissance of economic development, in part due to the Starved Rock Country Alliance and other organizations to which Inga is contributing significant time and resources.   Inga subscribes to the view that economic development must be comprehensive, “holistic,” and encompass and support not only business, but also education, the arts and culture, as well as tourism.   She volunteers on several boards that reflect this commitment.

Inga is a member of the Executive Committee of the American Chemistry Council, the Society of the Chemical Industry, is Chair of the OmniArts Trust, and serves on the boards of the American Chemistry Council, the Hegeler Carus Foundation, the Canal Corridor Association, Landmarks Illinois, and the Starved Rock Country Community Foundation.     

Inga is married to Peter Limberger and they reside in Starved Rock Country, Illinois with their two daughters.